Bright Future Foundation - Restoring a Bright Future for African Children Orphaned by AIDS. Our mission: We are a U.S. based non-profit whose mission is to provide funds and volunteer service to partner organizations in Africa that serve orphaned and vulnerable children and families. The funds we raise go to: Basic Needs Ð providing food, water, clothing, shelter, emotional support, and medical care, Educational Opportunities Ð empowering children to grow into productive, self-sufficient adults, Community-based Responses Ð strengthening families and communities to care for orphaned children WHAT WE DO: Twelve million children have been orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa -- and the numbers are growing. With the assistance of community-based initiatives, the majority of these children are able to remain under the care of their extended families. However, many children resort to life on the streets or are in abusive situations. These children often face a life without adequate shelter, food, emotional support, health care, education and the means to become independent adults. Bright Future Foundation is able to make a real difference in the lives of these children by funding the following initiatives: By Grace Disabled & Orphans Centre Mrs. Salome Muturi, a dressmaker in Kenya, was troubled that so many children in her neighborhood had lost their parents to AIDS. In 2002, Salome began opening her home to these children -- but soon the numbers swelled beyond the capacity of her 2-room rented apartment. With the support of friends and community members, she managed to find space to house and educate the children in the neighborhood. This was the birth of the By Grace Disabled & Orphans Centre. Today, some of the poorest and neediest children in the world - including those with disabilities - receive safe shelter, nutritious meals, education, medical care, as well as plenty of love and emotional support at By Grace. These are children who would otherwise be living on the streets or in exploitative situations, suffering tremendous abuse and neglect. In all, there are over 200 children who have found their home at By Grace and now have the opportunity to be safe, to learn and to grow. In addition to the children who live at the Centre, more than 100 children from the community come to By Grace each day for schooling and meals. Many of these children live at home with an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or surviving parent who is suffering from AIDS. These families cannot afford meals or education for their children so they send them to By Grace to learn and to be fed. By caring for these children during the day, By Grace helps ensure that they can remain with their families and still receive the education, meals and support that they need. By supporting By Grace in this work, Bright Future Foundation furthers its commitment to strengthen communities from within. Bright Future Foundation supports the community-based work of the By Grace Disabled & Orphans Centre by providing funding for desperately needed food, water, rent, teacherÕs stipends, school supplies, books, clothing, school uniforms, and health care. Bright Future Foundation also sends international volunteers to By Grace to teach and support the children. Your donations and volunteer service go a long way toward making a difference in the lives of the children at By Grace. St. PatrickÕs Medical Clinic St. PatrickÕs is a government-licensed community health center located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. Opened in 2001, St. PatrickÕs is in a neighborhood ravaged by poverty and the AIDS crisis. A community health nurse provides prenatal care, HIV/AIDS counseling and care, midwifery, malaria treatment, vaccinations, and a variety of other treatments to children, women and families in the community. Bright Future Foundation is proud to provide funding and medicines to support the work of St. PatrickÕs. Please join our efforts in providing desperately needed medical care in Africa. Donate today. Bright Future Scholarship Fund for Higher Education It costs approximately $1,500 USD per year for a student to attend a college program in Africa that is similar to a 2-year community college in the U.S. Such a degree is often out of reach for a student whose family has been devastated by AIDS. Recognizing the importance of education in preparing children for self-sufficiency in adulthood, the Bright Future Foundation provides full scholarships for students to attend programs of higher education beyond high school. Donations to this fund provide the precious opportunity of education to youth who have already faced tremendous obstacles in their lives. The Bright Future Scholarship Fund for Higher Education has provided nine students with the gift of higher education. One of these students, Richard Gori, is continuing toward his dream of becoming a lawyer. After his parents died, Richard was able to continue in school with the help of his grandmother and now receives a full scholarship to St. Barnabas College in Uganda. Elly OduorÕs parents also died of AIDS, as well as his aunt who cared for Elly and his two siblings. Elly continued to study hard despite tremendous hardships and passed his national exams so he could be admitted to St. Barnabas College. Bright Future is pleased to provide Richard, Elly, and others with full scholarships for their higher education. There are many other deserving students hoping for Bright Future scholarships as well. Please donate today. Bright Future Building Campaign The goal of the Building Campaign is to provide funding and partnership for a new community-based facility that provides day services to children and families affected by AIDS and a caring home for vulnerable children who have nowhere else to go. Education will be a central component of the facility and children will receive the services they need in order to stay in school and thrive. Children will receive health care, nourishing meals, clean water, clothing, counseling and emotional support, as well as plenty of opportunity for recreation and play that is so important in childhood. Vocational training and apprenticeship programs in carpentry, masonry, secretarial and computer skills, hairdressing, and farming will help students gain self-confidence while learning a trade that will prepare them for life in their communities. By fostering a vibrant community-based center, Bright Future aims to contribute toward AfricaÕs efforts to break the vicious cycle of poverty and AIDS affecting its people. Please donate to the Building Campaign today. CONTACT: Bright Future Foundation 9817 Bon Haven Lane Owings Mills, MD 21117 USA 352-379-0166 Our all-volunteer Board of Trustees includes: Pixie Fennessey - a college professor from Decatur, Illinois, who volunteers extensively at By Grace and started an organization on her campus to support the children at By Grace.Sharon Holden - a lawyer turned school counselor from Brooklyn, New York who has visited By Grace and actively raises funds for the children. Chris Hanna - a nurse from Gainesville, Florida who volunteered at By Grace and has been recruiting volunteers ever since. Julie Kennedy - a social worker from Pennsylvania, who volunteered in Kenya with Operation Crossroads Africa and now coordinates the Sponsorship Program for Bright Future. Susan Sackey-Sagoe - a former resident of Kenya and Ghana, currently residing in Maryland, who has extensive experience in grant writing and NGOs serving Africa. Matthew Holden - a physician from Brooklyn, New York who has volunteered at By Grace and organizes many fundraising events. Sonya Atkinson - a Learning Specialist from Baltimore, Maryland who coordinates the Volunteer Program, serves on the By Grace Centre Board of Directors, and frequently visits By Grace. *A copy of Bright Future Foundation's annual report may be obtained, upon request, from the Foundation or from the New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau, Attn: FOIL Officer, 120 Broadway, New York, New York 10271. The Foundation's initial annual report will be filed on or before May 15, 2008.